Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Overwhelmed with so much to do in game!

Legion has been immensely enjoyable and immersive, and I have found the story of my artifact, the questing storylines absolutely fantastic. However, and this is NOT a complaint, but there is so much to DO that I find it a little overwhelming!

A lot of my focussed guildies have been working hard on their reputations and lots of them hit revered with Wardens yesterday earning them the Broken Isles Diplomat. I have not been working on Wardens because I am just lazy with WQ in general - thinking of them as something I should do for the artifact power or resources but mostly when I have time - but also because I feel like I have so much to do already!

Kyxyn said to me that I should just make a list and focus on just 2 things - perhaps artifact power and Wardens quests - and do them every day and it doesn't take long. I thought about it and realised that actually there are WQ that I religiously do!

Pet battles.

Yes, something that is totally not useful for raiding or dungeons, I have been doing my pet battles trying to get through the challenges of beating certain trainers with only a certain team of pets. I can afk at them and not die, I can do them in a few minutes (well, if the fight goes well), and they are easy to spot on the map!

There are some other world quests I like doing. I actually enjoy doing Aw, Nuts! Catching squirrels and kicking nuts is fun and silly (and even the kids can do it) and I always see lots of people around - whether they are doing the daily or just AFK at the flight master. The daily is right at the flight path so it's very convenient.

But I should be working on my artifact power so I can get out of the mana starved hump I am in with resto and raiding. More on that in another post.

It is my own fault that I haven't got time to dedicate to the world quests I would like to. I get up early in the morning to see if Kyxyn is on so I can follow him doing World PvP quests, and even then I have the kids pestering me so I can't even go with him all the time. I should group up with guildies to do the Nightfallen elite ones because I can't do them on my own - well I can but super slowly (much like doing a Warden tower on my own as resto - I can do it but VERY SLOWLY). But I hate having to subject my guildies to my constant fat-butt pulls when I am running around the city and getting lost, so I'd rather do it with people who won't get too impatient with me. However, doing these on my own is woefully time inefficient. I could do them as moonkin with a follower, and perhaps I will spend more time doing so.

There is also one more thing.

Because there is so much to do in game, I have hardly got time to blog! These posts have been sitting around half written because I turn on the computer and think, I need to check which good WQs are running out of time and do those - oh and I need to fish for food for raid, find flasks... and where am I going to find time to do mythic dungeons as well?

LOL! So much to do! I just need to try to pace myself so I don't burnout - I am worried that I see so many people playing so hard lately (like we all used to do in our early WoW playing days) that I am scared that they won't have the longevity to last more than 1 raid tier.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Raiding - Normal Emerald Nightmare cleared

Sunday is our casual raid day, where everyone can turn up as long as they meet the relaxed requirements of raiding (compared to heroic raiding). Sunday raid had gone back to 3 hours (which I had forgotten, and I do find a 3 hour raid rather stressful in terms of trying to get online in time), and we decided not to do the first boss again since we had already done it. It turned out that was a good thing.

The raid was FULL! 30 people and we had to sit people as well. I wonder how long that's going to last!

So we SORTA did mechanics, but not like we do on heroic. I wonder if anyone had to do any mechanics! Though for Xavius we did I think!

Loot wasn't very exciting but it was exciting to be able to trade loot. It was a fun night overall because it was easy, and I was pleased because hopefully that means Sunday raids will be quite relaxing without too much thinking and everyone can have fun on the weekend.

Now... heroic on the other hand...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

PvP - First arenas

I have felt a little bit funny about the current honour system. Xyn has Prestiged and reset again from doing World Quests. And he isn't the only one! Of course, there is a lot of dedication to that, but as an Arena enthusiast, I found it difficult to fathom. After all, if I thought of it like conquest, it would be like someone capping their conquest from doing some dailies instead of fighting other players.

On the bright side, perhaps this is the opportunity to introduce PvP to more people. Maybe people will want to participate in the more competitive part now!

Sev has been rather doom and gloom about his damage output in raids and dungeons, but Sars was keen on his shadowpriest to do some arenas so we went in and gave it a bit of a go.

The arenas we did were quite fun. My teammates had good survivability, and healing has all the extra fun PvP abilities - hopefully I'll remember that I don't have those in raid!

With a shadow priest and afflock the dots are going to wear down the healer (and of course dispelling multiple stacks of unstable affliction will make the healer explode) so I have to not use cyclone, but roots that don't break on damage is not a bad thing to have for PvP, so I have chosen to use that. I've also decided to go bear affinity for survivability though that doesn't seem to have made much difference at this stage. The other good thing is that Sars can also heal me when I'm taking damage.

It was satisfying, we had a few wins, though I still felt that winning an arena should give us more honour than one of those towers or a random battleground! And I was confused by the rewards - the first reward for an arena win is a epic loot box, and then after that it drops - a little bit like how a heroic dungeon rewards you. I thought that it would be better if it was the other way around - win 10 games and then get an epic loot box. However, at least it means everyone will participate in at least ONE arena game (note there are only 2s and 3s now) so early in the week is probably the best time to do our games.

I suppose when I reach a higher rank we'll have increased honour gains with wins, so that will allow us to gain PvP ranks faster. It just doesn't feel like we're getting a lot out of arena wins at the moment other than gaining rank and for teams with good CC, we will have to think of a counter. Can't win by just brute force alone!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Raiding - Heroic Nythendra down!

It was our first look at the new raid, The Emerald Nightmare. There had been a lot of discussion about what we were going to do - were we doing heroic or were we doing normal? Traditionally we had always started with Heroic, because it felt like the right challenge for our abilities, and we weren't going to change now.

There was also another reason. It was Kyxyn's birthday. And he wanted to do Heroic. Who am I to go against the will of the Tyrant?

The Emerald Nightmare makes me sad as a druid! Nythendra, the first boss, was once a member of the Green Dragonflight, and the guardian of the World Tree,  Shaladrassil. When Xavius' nightmare consumed Shaladrassil, it consumed the sleeping dragon as well. Now she is a rotting husk of her former self, with bugs, pestilence and rot.

Everyone was excited for raid, but the DDOS attacks did not make it fun for some raiders! We had a large turnout, with 25 people ready to go.

Tanks: Kyxyn, Aimei
Heals: Navimie, Cosima/Koda, Amayeti, Ramfu, Dilandach, Nerdoflight
RDPS: Sevrus, Azadelta, Ultrapwnd, Crooked, Duckrubs, Ltsars, Amelior/Erve, Fielsa
MDPS: Lushen, Splatzor, Chikako/Exray, Vorkrack/Kelthal, Moistium, Saralynn, Genowen, Naesca, Eurie

It took a few goes for everyone to put their rot properly. I was an idiot and kept standing a little too long in the rot. Also, I was being silly and standing in melee. So I would end up with a lot of stacks. I moved closer to the tail end and backed up - heaps better.

The second phase, where you dodge the big bad bugs exploding wasn't too bad. However, it took the rest of the evening to get the hang of dropping rot at the right spot and standing in the correct areas and eventually we got our kill!

Saralynn got a Legendary! Some loot went around (I rolled a belt) and with only 15 minutes left in raid we went back and did it on normal.

My mana is a huge issue. I wish I'd gone the lower branch of the artifact. Might have to go with Moment of Clarity for a while!

Thursday raiding was ruined by a server reset in the middle of raid. And I played like an absolute twit. Again standing too long in bad and forgetting I didn't have germination and wasting mana leading to really LAME output. I will have to do a LOT better! We went for that big evil tree, Il'gynoth, which looks doable and I look forward to cracking at it.