Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Guildleader chores - The cost of responsibility as an officer/guild leader

We have had a guild website for ages - the problem is nobody updates it.  I have to pay for it and it lapsed recently, but the officers realised that there was nowhere that people could head to for current information about the guild. I thought about it and perhaps I should find one of those free ones.

It made me wonder if people realised how much it costs to actually run a guild.  Other than the time investment that you put into things (which isn't really that much - because I would be playing that much anyway or chatting incessantly in game).

The website cost me over $100 a year (yes yes I know, I picked a lousy plan it had all this DNS stuff on it which I don't really need), and Ventrilo also costs a little over $100 a year.  I also have Mumble as a backup and that costs $120 a year.

I'm not asking for monetary donations.  Of all people, I would probably be close to the last to be concerned with being strapped for cash.  Besides, I think it's all for a good cause, and I am happy to pay for it which is probably why it's a good thing that I am the guild leader.  But the website thing... I'm not really sure if I want to pay for that.  Nobody is using it but we really need somewhere to put guild info especially regarding things like raids, looting systems, and BoEs.  We have a Facebook group but not everyone is on facebook.

I could just make a free wordpress page that will just have the guild information on it. Or a google page.  That would be easy.

Honestly, like I haven't got enough to do without trying to make a guild page as well. I have this blog to do (well, I should be posting more, it's not very daily, but REALLY, there aren't that many people reading my random ramblings, let's face it), and my other blog has been sorely neglected - there are so many more pop culture references and I've been a bit lazy about adding them.

Lately, I have turned my eye to more crafty projects.  I was thinking of making a blanket for myself, and I saw this one on deviant art by Ninjakazz and I thought, hey I can do that! It's a crocheted blanket and I thought I could even make it double sided (and put alliance on the other side... though that seems rather distasteful to me).

It's the first day of spring and there won't be much use for a blanket soon, but the rate at which I churn out blog posts may be a reflection of how fast my knitting/crochet skills go, so if I start now, I might have a blanket in time for next year's winter.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Terrororising helpless Tushui for a few points

Hk and I had gotten our Alliance pandas to 91 and so the lambs were brought to slaughter.

Kyxyn, Crooked, myself and Tyefoods started killing Hk's alliance panda but the 2 minute rez timer was painful.  A helpful alliance priest offered to rez HK for us and refused payment, so I  have to think of something nice to do for that person later as a thank you.  They stood around rezzing for at least an hour!  That did take hours and hours of farming off for all of us, which was nice.

Tye and I got our panda kills and then we weren't able to help with the kill count anymore, so I switched to my panda so at least there were 2 to kill.  The priest just kept chain rezzing me and HK and so it wasn't much longer before Kyxyn was done as well.

Time to hand in and though I cheated my way to the achievement, at least now I can head and kill some worgen (and then after that, some humans).  At least I do see those around in Ashran.

Terror of the Tushui sounds much nicer then Huojin's Fall (which is the alliance version of the title). But I do admit, that I do like the title that alliance get from killing Tauren, "the Butcher".

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Raiding - And that makes Ten

You know that feeling of stupidity that you get when people tell you how easy something is but you can't seem to get it even after multiple goes?

Well, we had that with Fel Lord.

On normal, it's easy.  I didn't even fully understand the mechanics of it and we just brute forced it. Something about pillars needing protection and don't get hit by purple waves emanating from the boss and from seeds and from tank.

So then we went to do that on heroic.  And NOW I understand the fight a bit more.

Fel Lord makes these swirly fissures and a big pointy crystal comes out of it.  If you stand in swirly, you absorb the energy and get a debuff (latent energy) and no big pointy crystal comes out.  You can control where one pops by leaving a swirly on its own.  If you absorb all swirlies the crystal pops up randomly.

Those crystals and the person who soaked a swirly contain latent energy, and if the player or a pillar gets hit with Zakuun's purple waves (Wake of Destruction) then they do raidwide damage, so you don't want the pillars to get hit with Wake, nor do you want players debuffed with latent energy to get hit by wake.

And really, that's all there is to it.

Lots of thing make the wake though.  Fel Lord does it periodically. Tanks get sent to another zone and when they pop out they release a wake.  Seeds of Destruction are placed on a few players and they need to run the hell away from the pillars and people because they chuck out wakes as well.

Now it all sounds nice and easy doesn't it?  Oh and I forgot, there is a debuff (Befouled) that you have to heal off as well, and it also explodes once you heal it off, damaging playes 6 yards around you.  Melee obviously need to move away when the debuff is about to be healed off.

There are things I don't understand about the fight, and I'm sure I'll understand it one day. Crooked said it in raid and I have to admit, I had been wondering it myself.  We tank Zakuun right next to one of those pillars, and was that because people are standing between Zakuun and the pillar?  Or was it so people could have better places to put their Seeds of Destruction because if we were far from the pillar, where would those seed people go?

Anyway, after 2 0% wipes on Thursday we came back on Monday and got it down.  I was a shocker on Thursday, getting hit by Wakes constantly and dying.  I was better on Monday, but I still don't feel like the fight is quite right yet.  But it's dead, and dead is good.

A friend of mine (the Guild leader of another guild) told me hat they killed it easily in only 5 attempts or something.  It makes me wonder if we have some fundamental flaw in our technique, or maybe everyone is still getting used to the encounter. And that is what got me down a bit.  How stupid are we that this easy fight took us so many attempts??

But, that makes ten, so I'll happily take that.  Yay Frostwolves!

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Frostwolf Transmog for a Frostwolf Guild leader

I have enough bag space issues as it is, and Kyxyn was nagging me about getting the Battlegear of the Frostwolves, which is transmog gear that you buy from Shadow Hunter Denjai in Tanaan when you are revered with Vol'jin's Headhunters.

"I think that the GM of Frostwolves should dress like a Frostwolf," he said.

And so I complied.

It's actually more of a war harness type of outfit, but I am not a fan of showing off my fur, especially in the midriff where my fur is a slightly different colour to my legs.  It's just not a very good look.  I does look better if I have the reddish colour.

But! Brawler's shirts to the rescue again!

This time I am wearing Sightless Mantle and I am doing something different - I'm using a fist weapon and offhand.  I actually don't have many fist weapons to transmog to, so I bought Claws of Agony off the AH for a very reasonable price. And I'm using Book of the Dead as my offhand transmog - I have so many different coloured books in my bags for transmog!

I'm sticking to Wolfshead Helm for now as the helm mog and I think it looks alright for a Frostwolf GM, don't you?