Thursday, August 25, 2016

Raiding - Archimonde I don't ever want to see you again

Last week of WoD. Which means the last week people can get their moose. Fortunately it's been nerfed heavily so it's a lot easier than it was - we did it last week with a whole bunch of demon hunters and it went ok despite very meh damage output and little ranged.

I have been really pleased looking at the guildies who have turned up to help out other guildies get their mounts. However, it was a little bit trying yesterday because we had 11 carries inexperienced people and we actually wiped on Manny and Archi on our first goes.

Of course, I lay the blame on Ultra's feet. He was excited about getting to tank the last Archimonde and wanted to go on his Demon Hunter. Unfortunately HK tends to forget that Ultra hasn't tanked before so Ultra's taunting was a bit off and Manny moved strangely. We eventually got it down and then off to Archimonde.

Well that didn't go well either. We died the first time and then we were going to do 2 runs with half of the inexperienced in one group and then do it again for the other half. However, Ultra switched to his hunter and Xyn jumped on his tank, I made Erve heal instead of doing rubbish warlock DPS, got Taxar off his mage and onto his paladin, and also got Gorvek on his shaman. The next go went HEAPS better and everyone got their mount. I was happy to see Nath and Jazz join us, as well as Ednatola and Zanthula, Deathblight, Orbit and Dilandach, and they all got their mounts, much to my relief. There were so many healers that I got to do some crappy DPS.

I stared at Archimonde's body for a little while - partly because I looted an Heroic Titanforged trinket, and then managed to roll an even higher item level Heroic Titanforged trinket, and was boggled by that - and thought back over the expansion. The struggles we had as a guild when we first started raiding, where we had too many raiders and people had to sit out and were annoyed at the high numbers of people raiding that they hadn't seen before.  Of the angst we had when we started using EPGP and people were unhappy with donations and how the looting system worked. It wasn't long into the first raid tier before we had issues with those who weren't quite the right fit for the guild moving on, which was really the best thing for them and the best thing for us.

After that we seemed to find our feet again, settling into our identity and getting the group guild feeling back again. We raided along in BRF and then into HFC - I remember the first heroic Assault seemed so hard we were pondering whether we were just doing something wrong or was it overtuned? Turns out we were doing it wrong!

And our first heroic Archimonde kill. I remember the exultation when we got it down - it was a great feeling and a huge sense of achievement. And then the debacle of mythic raiding which caused a lot of dissatisfaction within the guild - those who didn't want to raid with outsiders ended up not raiding, and those that ended up leaving to join the guild that we had been raiding with. I am never going to do cross guild mythic raiding ever again as a joint guild venture.

And then we started getting in some new blood - some really good new blood - and things are starting to look up again. The full raid team for Legion looks a little bit different but there are still 10 that have always been there and it's comforting to see.

That took a long time to write, when in fact it ran through my mind in less than a minute whilst standing there looting my goodies, but I wasn't sad to say good bye to WoD raiding. It had gone on for too long and unlike the end of Siege of Orgrimmar where we were still raiding progressively trying to get our mythic Garrosh kill I felt a little cheated, but I accepted that to preserve our guild culture and identity that chasing mythic and progression is not our goal. Along the way we may have lost some great players because of that mindset, but it really is why our guild longevity is so good and so stable.

Goodbye Hellfire Citadel!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Where Khadgar's latest party in Dalaran is a bit of a bust

Server maintenance means something new is coming and there was a new thing in Dalaran with Khadgar. I thought "Ooh, I'll go do that after raid!"

Xyn said, "Don't get your hopes up. You would probably find it more exciting to pick cactus apples in Durotar."

Hmm. That bad huh?

So Khadgar wants us to find some orbs and zap them and then after we do that, we get to meet Alodi, the first Guardian. 

Ouch. Well, at least that's a movie tie-in! Except that Alodi was Glenn Close in the movie, and here it's clearly a guy.

So he tells us we have to find the 4 pillars on Broken Isles. And that's the end of that. 

Hm. Well I have to disagree with Xyn on that one. I think that cactus apple picking is marginally more boring than that quest in Dalaran :P

Sunday, August 21, 2016

My 1 second of fame again - in Jonny Beoulve's Youtube video

There have been quite a few people telling me that they saw me in this video about the most expensive items in Vanilla. There is a 1 second shot of me (for whatever reason I don't know!) and the number of people who have linked it to me saying they saw me is hilarious! Jonny must have had lots of views of that video if a few of my friends see it!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Raiding - I thought there would be more demon hunters!

We were going to do Archimonde on Wednesday, but thought it would be more fun to do lower level so everyone could try out their demon hunters.

We have a few new people to add to raid. Gen and Ram, who run the guild my Alliance mage is in, have joined us and I have been very excited to have 2 new regular raiders as well as returning ones.

Surprisingly, we only had 6 demon hunters. Xyn tanked on his; Sev, Exray, Gen, Sohelia and Duck were the others. Aimei was tanking with Xyn, and Koda/Cosima healed with me and so did Ram on his newly minted monk who was barely making the ilvl for HFC. But, it was meant to be a fun silly raid rather than a truly serious one so I would take all the healers I can get. He did feel a bit sheepish with all his dying but I don't expect much on a new toon who isn't geared. Celaena came back to raid (on a rogue), and Gorvek was there holding Sohelia's hand, and Mauve came for a little bit on his DH but he was lagging and had to drop. Lushen was there and so was Lakota on his monk - ugh 2 more melee - and Splatz.

It was tough with all that melee. Ultra came on his hunter and Kelthal on his warlock and Gorvek switched to elemental and Tacky was on his hunter, and that felt like very little ranged. I DPS'd for Kilrogg but healing was so sketchy that I ended up healing a little bit so my damage was totally lame!

We finished all of lower and then Iskar, Fel Lord and Xhul on middle floor. Xhul was actually quite good, Fel Lord had a wipe or two and Iskar was messy. But it was overall quite fun, I thought. There was some nice titan forged loot going out! Gen and Xyn both rolled some 740 items and all the personal loot was redistributed at the end of the raid.

Only 2 weeks to go till expansion! It suddenly seems so close! I think we'll still do some transmog runs and if anyone is still looking for a moose, we may try to do that next week. However, nobody has said they need their moose so for now so we can keep doing fun things. 2 weeks to get all my Draenor things done!