Friday, November 21, 2014

Guildleader chores - From a Pack to a Horde and how we are going to raid

This past week has seen a massive increase in our guild numbers.  There has been a lot of concern flying around in the guild - many people don't know who all the others are, and how they are related to whom. In fact, the only person who knows who everyone in the guild is me.

Obviously there has been a lot of concern about who is going to raid and what is happening with raids.  I tried to reassure most people but they are still concerned - so I thought I would make a blog post to reassure them (and myself).

So here is a little flowchart of how everyone is related to whom.  Doesn't it look pretty!

When I look at it this way, it doesn't seem like we have that many people.  I look and I think, most of these people are not intending to be 3 day a week raiders.  Maybe some casual raiding which is very easily catered for on the weekend for those who are inclined.

So, how am I going to sort raiding?  There have been a number of queries.

Are we going to have two raiding teams?
What we are going to have is one serious raiding team, which does our usual Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, from 9pm-11pm.  I do not want to run a second raiding team at the same time as I believe that it causes division within the team.  There will be feeling of one team is better than another and inevitably leads to guild splits.  I told everyone who joined in 6.0 and WoD that we don't have raiding spots and there may be some sub spots and more casual stuff on the weekend and if they weren't ok with that, then they shouldn't have joined!  I wonder if our ranks will think a little after that, but in reality, I don't think so.

As it stands, these are the raiders:
Tanks: Aimei, Exray
Healers: Navimie, Morzierz, Ravzz, Koda, Baconofswag
DPS: Sevrus, Azadelta, Luxygaga, Jazzbangers, Nathamanz, Lushen, Dragonray, Crooked, Kahrax, Eq, Tenshi, Souglyy, Vexil, Haevela, Sars, Shoushiro, Duck, Alca, Una

Subs and keen to raid: Brahski (DPS), Amayeti (Heals), James (Tank), Moopiex (DPS), Biship (Heals), McTacky, Kelthal, Disco (DPS)

Are we still doing Flex/Normal on the weekends?
We probably won't be starting that until we are solidly doing weekday raiding for 2 weeks so I everyone can have a feel for what raiding as a group is like.  I did like how we had a casual once a week normal/heroic raiding, so I think that would be great for those who are more serious about raiding.

There are a few people who are tagged as purely social and I think that Saturday "social" normal raids when we are well established will be fun for them but as I said, I don't think we will do that until we are into doing heroics.

What happens when it gets to Mythic?
It will be a long time before we get there. Our guild has never been a Mythic guild and by the time the next tier comes we will be still doing heroics, I suspect.  But we may be surprised!  If we do get there then those with the best attendance, performance and good team attitude will come for progression.  As stuff becomes farm then we will substitute the rest of the raid team members in.

Can I raid with my friends in other guilds/servers?
Yes, of course you can!  Since we can do it as many times as you like, you can do the same raid a few times (except Mythic of course).  However, if you are constantly unavailable for our raid times because you're with others then your priority for a raiding spot will probably be downgraded.

What about those who are underperforming in raid?
Raiding is supposed to be fun, and I wholeheartedly believe this. However, I expect that everyone should have some insight into their own abilities and capability to raid at our best raiding level.  Raw DPS/healing numbers is one way to look at a fight, but I also look at ability to follow instructions or handle mechanics.  Even I have difficulty the first few times, but I try my best and strive to improve with often amusing results. If someone is woefully unaware of their abilities then one of the officers will speak to them about the concerns and offer tips for improvement and I expect people to be mature enough to accept constructive criticism.

What about EPGP?
EPGP is reset.  It will start again in the new raid week. EP donations will be accepted on Monday night and the Tuesday before raids on Wednesday.  Donations will close at the start of raid.

Well, hopefuly that allays some of the fears and answers some of the questions.  Any further questions put them in as comments to this post guys!  And of course, if you love my flow diagram, feel free to post a comment or even something funny about it :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Regrets on rapidly levelling to 100 and some fishy tales

The start of this post is probably a bit of a misnomer.  I wasn't lightning fast, hitting 100 in a day, but I managed to get to 100 by Sunday evening. Considering that 6 hours of playtime was lost because of launch server and instance crashes, as well as the whole server queues debacles, I think that it was much faster than any other expansion I had levelled in.

I have levelled with HK/Aimei every single expansion. The first time I happened to have had a week off work and he had a lot of free time so I had someone to play with.  In Lich King, we just continued the same. By Cataclysm I was getting really lazy and he was driving me around on the bike (yay for 2 player mounts that came out in Lich King) and in Pandaria I was just blindly following and killing whatever he told me to kill. In reality I am a really frustrating person to level with because I often forget to pick up the quest item, or haven't finished the quest and we're back at the quest giver and HK will be like "YOU said you were finished??"  and I'll sheepishly reply "I was finished - with that pet battle!"

One thing I regret is not reading the quest text.  I skimmed it all in my rush to pickup stuff that I feel like levelling was not the immersive lore experience that I've had previously.  Granted, I tended to have a much better feel for the story when I was questing for fun (ie to finish achievements) and not when I was questing to level, so my perception may be skewed somewhat. I wish I had screenshotted more things - including rare spawns, since they are only rare ONCE and then ever after they are not rare ever again.  It was impossible to screenshot them in the launch period with people swarming like starving piranhas over a lone carcass and I think that I might actually enjoy questing with Minndy as she absorbs the zone and the story and screenshot all those little scenes where I missed my moment to screenshot stuff.

Another thing that people have been talking about is what happens at the end of Nagrand. I hit 100 whilst in the Spires of Arak so I stopped questing after that and started hitting the dungeons.  Probably a mistake on my part, as higher level gear drops in Nagrand and I probably wouldn't have to farm so many dungeons if I wasn't lacking so much in my ilvl.

Because I feel this PRESSURE to start hitting heroics, I'm not really doing the things I want to be doing.  I want to explore Ashran more. I want to do BGs - I hear that if you do well in a BG you get a box of loot or something that can contain PvP gear.  I want to go out and pet battle and collect all the pet things! Fortunately I can still use my spare moments to do things like fish and cook, and doing those has made me feel like I'm achieving something.  Fishing for these 100 enormous fish species achievements has been rather relaxing IMO.

And look at the hilarious things that you can get whilst fishing.  These two hats have a 7 day duration and look hilarious when you put them on!

Tentacled Hat (left) and Hightfish hat (right) were fished up by me when fishing inland water. The Tentacled hat was caught in Frostfire ridge as I was fishing for Fire ammonites, and the Hightfish hat in Nagrand.  These hats are GREAT for fishing bonus - they only last one week from when they are caught though, so having them is good for fishing for the achievements as having a fishing skill of 900+ means you'll pretty much only catch Enormous fish. And don't forget to put the right bait on too!  The annoying thing about the bait is that it's unique so I can only have one of them in my bag at any one time.  Would be useful to have  a nice stash of bait for those long hours of fishing.  The plus to all this fishing is rapid levelling of cooking.  I have always fished and cooked hand in hand, so after I do the next round of fishing achievements, some lucky person can use all my fish to level their cooking too :D

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Frostwolves first 3 to 100 - big cheers to James, Luxy and Raverager!  I think that deserves a comic, don't you?  If only WoW Model viewer was working properly!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

World of Warcraft Trivia on Quizup

Sars asked me to come and play this trivia game with him on my phone, called Quizup.  They had a bunch of categories on it and World of Warcraft was one of them!  So I downloaded it on my phone and we had a play.

Yeah I lost.  Twice.

The questions weren't as hard as Evelyna's Timeless Question - and it does tell you the answer at the end.  I ended up playing against a few random people and came across someone

Quizup is available to play on PC, Google Play and the Appstore and it is disgustingly addictive.  You even get rankings on it!  There were people who were like "10th in Utah" and even one who was #`1 somewhere in the world (his name was Tyr) and of course that #1 guy kicked my ass.

The questions are quite reasonable and not too hard and cover a wide range of topics from lore, to locations, battlegrounds and even achievements!  It's rather addictive and there are tons of questions! And they even have a ranking system too - something way out of my league! Damn some of these people have played a crazy number of games....

Damn you Sars for giving me more stupid addictive games to play...

Monday, November 17, 2014

A million reasons to thank spammers

To my dear readers,

It has been 5 years since I started this blog...  Who knew that I would one day hit a lot of pageviews?

However, though I know that there are at least 10 people out there who look at my blog on occasion I can't give them all the credit... because those spammers are really my biggest audience of all.  Of course there are also the occasional visitors from Google who have come to my site searching for:
  • Symbiosis list
  • Goldshire Inn ERP
  • angry face
  • sexy leather transmog
But those guys who visit me wanting to visit their dating sites in Canada, the girl from the coconut oil hair products, the cheap designer brands store, and that guy with that weight reduction tips blog - I have to give you a big thumbs up because you must have left more than 1000 comments each - each comment equates to a visit, right?  So, even though you visited for the sake of visiting (not really sure if you REALLY wanted to read about my World of Warcraft adventures) just knowing that you dropped by.. makes me feel loved and read LOL!

But, though I do thank you spammers, it's my current readers I must thank.  Each of you who visits and reads my verbal diarrhoea and crazy thoughts and talks to me through my blog make me immensely happy! So, to all my present readers, I thank you!  All my past readers I thank you too (though you wouldn't see my thanks because, well, you read me in the PAST but not the present), and to all my future readers... ok, I won't even GO there because there are all sorts of space time continuum issues and paradoxes that may occur with me talking to people in the future.

Now, I shall do a Greer Garson and do the longest thank you ever.  I think I may thank more than her 27 people so feel free to skip - I've made it easier for you by making the font small and unreadable.

Ok I tried to write a thank you list, but it was way to long.  There were like... 100 names in there.  I have decided not to individually thank everyone, because it would just be RIDICULOUSLY lengthy, so I shall take the easy way out, and if you are reading this, you'll know which category you fit into!
  • My guildies
  • My Blog Azeroth Buddies
  • My fiction co-writers
  • The well read and famous who dropped by and gave me squee moments
  • Everyone I've navispammed
  • Those who dropped by on my server to personally say hi to me
  • Those amazing podcasters who have read me, mentioned me or invited me to be on their shows
  • Those readers and bloggers who have emailed me
  • Those who are always there when I'm having game related dramas
Thanks everyone for making me feel loved! :D