Friday, April 24, 2015

Do I REALLY want to be Mythic raider?

So we're just bashing away at Blackhand and making little steps of progress which would be much better if I didn't keep stuffing up every now and then.  But I am slowly getting the hang of where I should be doing things - I was never the sharpest tool on the bench when it comes to learning an encounter! Which is an odd thing to say when I literally hold people's lives in my hands, but crisis situations are done best with a bit of muscle memory, and doing medical and specialist training we do a lot of that so that we don't freeze and panic when the shit hits the fan.

We had an extremely low turnout yesterday.  15 people! Koda had a family emergency and Kaillynn had a family thing on.  Aza has decided to take a break because he's not really enjoying raiding at the moment and wants to get his mojo back.  Sev is still on break.  Duck has been studying (though not sure if he will go with his friends when he does get back to full time raiding), and so has Snowcaller. Dragonray is sorting out her RL house stuff, and I have no idea where Falln was.  Grimmchook was working.

Anyway, we obviously wouldn't do mythic when we are at low numbers, but do I REALLY want to recruit to be able to do it?  When the guild goes back into full swing, I'd be overloaded with people again.  To be honest, there are a few people who said that if we didn't do mythic, they would rather take a break from raiding, and that's fine, because we aren't really one of those guilds to push that stuff.  I don't want everyone to get burnt out, and those who are here are here for the guild, not for the raiding.  Or at least, that's what I have always sold this guild as. Looking at who we have, I am sure that we wouldn't lose anyone.

It seems weird though.  We have always raided, and never taken a break, not as a guild. It would be a first, but then it would also be a first killing the last boss in the first tier of an expansion!

Obviously if we had numbers, I'd not worry about it.  In fact, I was more worried about people sitting out than trying to find people.  It's actually a big relief to think that I don't have to decide who sits and who raids, and just tell everyone that we're not raiding for a bit, and to pug stuff on the server if they wish to raid mythic - obviously there is the concern that if some people did that, they would leave and join those guilds, and that's ok.  I have always said that we are not about raiding, we are about being a community and if people are not having fun, then we stop, so we can all get back into it together, as a group.  We could even go back and work on our raid achievements or something fun at least, because Sundays haven't really been the days we'd do that since we're trying to get through content for the casuals.  There are heaps of options to consider.

I think the question I was asking myself, was would I pug mythic?  I wouldn't do it if it would compromise our mythic raiding, obviously, but if everyone was having a break, then I would probably go help someone if they asked.  I wouldn't go looking for it.  I think Yuuda would probably want to.  It'

In fact, thinking about doing achievements if we were forced to do a break has cheered me up somewhat, because I am sure I could drag a few people to do that.  Thinking about trying to click those ore deposits on the ceiling in Gruul's chamber sounds like fun!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fishy thoughts and fishy fun - great weather for it too

As NSW struggles through the worst storms in 8 years (some residents saying it's the worst storm they have seen in 25 years), I can imagine that internet connections and power outages will play havoc with a lot of NSW WoW players, and of course I'm particularly interested in what is going to happen tonight. The state Premier has even told employers to be flexible and encourage people not to drive in peak times, avoid going out in flooded areas and even told people to go home early.

But, I'm more interested lately in fishing than anything else.  I am not sure why. Maybe it's because of the weather.  Maybe it's because cooked fish have been selling well on the auction house. Maybe it's because Australia recently got Netflix and I have been binging on TV shows like Daredevil (OMG I LOVE IT) and other movies whilst I have been sitting at my computer.  I don't normally watch much TV.

But I think it's because I have a quadruple goal for fishing.  I'm fishing for raid food, at the same time I'm catching Lunkers (once I get 5 I go back to the garrison to turn in at Nat Pagle), and I can use those coins to buy pets and a mount.  AND THEN, I can cook all those fish and MAYBE I'll be lucky and get a Li'l Leftovers (another pet!). And of course, any spare food, after I give a stack to guildies who like eating it, I can sell on the AH and it seems to sell quite fast.

I do have a bee in my bonnet about something and it's not a really big thing, just a quality of life thing. When you go to Nat Pagle, he lists all the seven Lunkers you can hand in.  You have to pick from the list of seven which Lunker to hand in, and you can only do it one at a time.  The hand-in is not dissimilar to Angry Zurge in Ashran, where you can hand in Severed Night Elf head, Tufts of Gnome Hair and other Alliance racial PvP tokens from kills - except when you go speak to him, he just has the hand in quests available to hand in, which makes it a bit easier.  Why can't the hand in be like Angry Zurge?  Would be so easy to click then!  I did tweet them to ask, but it's not a particularly interesting topic to reply, so I probably won't see that tiny thing resolved. I'm sure everyone is busy with patch 6.2.

With Nat's hat or Nat's Drinking Hat (using the +150 lures you get from it), I don't really need to use the +200 worm lures, as long as I'm wearing one of the fishing hats (Hightfish cap or Tentacled hat) I will always catch enormous fish with my fishing skill.  I must say I much prefer the hats to the fishing rod (since that only has a 1 day duration compared with the hats' 7 day duration).

I don't understand the flavour text of Nat's Drinking Hat.  It says it looks better with blurry vision. But it doesn't. Nothing does.  Not even me.

Totally smashed... hic!
Even though Nat's Drinking hat has +5 more fishing skill than Nat's Hat, I don't really like the colour - the purple colour of Nat's Hat matches my outfit much better.

I think that's enough talking.  The fishing rod is calling me...

Monday, April 20, 2015

Shab moving to Alliance - ending an era of arena partnership!

I have often felt bad that I can't PvP more with Shab, and had hoped he would make more PvP friends, and he did.  Jinjersnaps had come back and he had been PvPing with her a lot.  After all, I felt like I had DRAGGED him back to the game, and now that he (and Sev) are getting older, their ability to stay up late to arena and PvP has diminished. I, however, am still up at stupid hours of the night... often wishing I had someone to

Last Friday, he mentioned to me that there are so many more people playing on Alliance. He wasn't feeling well, but we managed to get a small Ashran group doing, got a few events done before we were snowballed by Alliance (and also killed their leader) so that was good.  After that we did some BGs, which we won all except for one.

On Saturday when I logged on, Shab said he had something he wanted to talk to me about. I knew what it was going to be - nobody ever starts the conversation with those words without me guessing what it is. I said "Wait, let me guess, you're going to Alliance to PvP?"

It is selfish of me to want him to remain, and I KNOW that he would get better longevity in the game going somewhere that he can PvP like he wants.  But he's been here SO LONG, he was the first and probably one of the very few people who had levelled within the guild on their main from 1 to max.

We have this funny RL connection, one of those 6 degrees things (more like 2 degrees). He mentioned to me once that he had a relative working at my hospital and when I asked about it he told me what they did, and I was shocked because then I said his relative's name and he said oh, you know them?  Know them?  Their office was next door to mine! I knew them very well!

Whenever I was excited about PvP stuff I would be ringing Shab.  I still remember his fanboy stuff that he wanted me to do - and I ended up taking that pic with Sodah at Blizzcon in 2013 and then calling him straight away to say OMG GUESS WHAT I DID!

And that time that he was in Swifty's Twitch?  Now that was cool :)

Of course we will remember fondly all those frozen orbs that seemed to be going nowhere.... and Shab's ability to sheep people who are about to die is about as amazing as my ability to cyclone people who are about to be killed as well.

I fully admit that I have not enjoyed PvP this season - partially because of Ashran and the compulsory 200 conquest that comes from there (and of course the converse, where you can just run around and get all your conquest from there), and the other part because I feel like a double caster team really struggles in arena, which was very different from a few seasons ago when we we were having a grand time in arena.

And so, after 9 years it's good bye to Shab, as he moves over to Alliance.  He said to me, he will miss sheeping Sev's targets, and I laughed.  He could just sheep Sev instead :D

I guess I'll see you on the other side of the battleground Shab! And it isn't goodbye - realID is only a keystroke away - and I'm sure we will find some other stupid fanboy thing to stand around all day waiting for sometime in the future.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Minipost: Raiding - It's nice to be raiding again

I was pleased to be raiding, and for once we were HEAVY on healers! On Wednesday we had Morz there so Yuuda went moonkin (which meant I could look like a good druid healer for once) and Kyjenn was a little hesitant tanking heroics, hoping it would go well, and it did go well.  We did our 7 as usual on heroic farm day, and with a nice turnout.

Thursdays are always funny and people seem to be randomly not turning up to raid.  Aza was sick, no Snowcaller and Koda was late (and Luxy had some weird connection issues). This time we were under 20 people, still comfortable with the healers, and made our way to Blackfuse.  There was one wipe on Maidens where Kyjenn went a different way to they way Snowcaller normally goes, but I didn't really find that a problem - I wanted to try and cheese it with the boxes and I tried it on barrels and that didn't work well.

Anyway, I am still being totally stupid on healing because I'm still struggling to get my tranquility going with aspect of the fox and Hand of Protection on me. Ultra asks if I need fox and I reply but often I don't hit the PTT button properly or something and I THINK I've got the buff but I don't and then muck up my tranquility.  Yuuda suggested using 2 healer cooldowns for that phase which is a good idea since we aren't going to use them anyway till phase 3 and that made our healing a little easier. Kaillynn had not done Blackhand but was too shy to speak up and poor thing, it was noticed she was running around unsure of what to do sometimes!

We made some progress - at least we got a siege engine down with no fire! Still a whole day on Monday to wipe on it and  make a I hope that I can get my tranquility right.